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The Marantz AV9000 may be available on our UK site
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Marantz AV9000

THX Ultra Certified Preamplifier Tuner
Marantz AV9000 - CLICK HERE to Buy for $1899.99

Marantz AV9000

This is Marantz top of the line Home Theater Preamplifier Tuner, and it has it all! THe AV9000 features component video switching for top of the line DVD, HDTV, and satellite components and monitors, 6 channel direct input for future decoders and technology. It has dolby Digital RF input for use with laser disc players with Dolby Digital RF output and is multi room multi zone capable. A special version of the RC2000MKII learning remote control is included.


Gyro Touch tuning-makes finding your favorite station a breeze
S-Video inputs for TV,LD,DVD,VCR1 and DSS/VCR2 sources
S-Video outputs for VCR1,# DSS/VCR2 #,TV Monitor
Direct inputs for left and right surround, center, and subwoofer
1 Toslink and 1 coaxial digital output

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Hifi.com $1,899.99 Dec 10, 2002
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The Marantz AV9000 may be available on our UK site  UK users CLICK HERE to run a Pound Sterling price comparison.

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THX Ultra Certified Preamplifier Tuner
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